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The Journey Ahead

I’ve been sitting around debating, “What is my next post going to be? In what order do I want to write these topics?” I really want to hit on a lot of the key points in science in the early posts to really set a strong foundation before I jump into lighter stuff. But I don’t want it to get so heavy that I’m boring everyone to death. I’ve been getting lots of requests for recipes, typical meal plans, etc. And that is something I’m planning on doing very soon. So I think naturally, the next few blog posts will be some order of these things:

  • What is a Ketogenic Diet (or rather “Lifestyle”)?
    • I want to explain what this diet/lifestyle is, why it is so powerful, and what the requirements are before jumping into food
  • Recipe
    • Just to whet your appetites
    • I’ll probably include some nutrient breakdown and why this meal works for the diet
  • Some Other Science Related Article
    • (going to be tons of these in the future)
    • Topics like diabetes/obesity connection will be discussed
  • A Day in the Life of an Asian Without Rice
    • I’ll likely do many of these as well
    • My meals that day
    • Activities that day
    • Blood glucose results throughout the day

If any of you have any suggestions or questions about what you want me to write about let me know in the comments below!

Yes, I am indeed the asian with the cheese bowl. I am also a huge nerd and love science. My real job as the co-founder and technical director for Inphantry keeps my nerdiness factor at a record high. In my spare time, I am obsessive about diet and nutrition. Maybe even too obsessive... Keep reading and I'm sure you will pick up little bits of who I am along the way!

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  1. Kyle Kellogg says:

    Hey Derek,
    Sharing recipes, with explanations of why the meal works for the diet, would be fantastic. Also, I can’t speak to what anyone else would like to see but I’d be interested in the monetary difference for shopping like a before/after kind of thing. It’s no secret that there are lots of families with tight budgets out there who are still looking to eat healthy/well without breaking themselves.

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